Thank you to Knights of St Columba

The Knights of St Columba in Barrhead held a fundraising quiz night last Friday and kindly donated £210 to support our pro-life work. May God bless them in all that they do.

Raymond Ibrahim: ‘The Dhimmi in the Mirror’

“If Christian minorities living under Islamic authority have little choice but to speak well of their ‘coexistence’ with Islam, why are Western leaders, politicians, and talking heads of all varieties—who are not under Islamic...

Reducing Teenage Pregnancy Rate

The teenage pregnancy rate in the UK has halved since 2007. A study by BPAS showed that it is due to teenagers being more education and family focussed and socialising online more than face to face. Here’s a BBC article on this topic. This shows that a change in...

Toothbrush Signalling

I have begun my own little war against plastic. Behold the bamboo toothbrush (model):I also bought soap nuts. Unfortunately when I opened their cotton bag, I found that they had been double-bagged in plastic! So I will be looking for a different brand next time.

Spiritual Luxury

Yesterday I decided to walk to the morning Mass at the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter chapel, and to my surprise, it took me less than half an hour to get there!I wish I had thought of this earlier in our New Town exile, but my new policy is to think forward...